ElDreDay Sticker


4 Comments on "ElDreDay Sticker"

  1. Good looking out! Hope the blog does good!

  2. VandalWatchDog says:

    Vandalism is a crime. Whos going to clean up your mess??? Working class people. Contribute to society, don’t destroy it.

    • Jewelzy says:

      Hahaha you got a hater already andre!! :PP

      @ValdalWatchDog: its called sticking it to the man dude!

      you think that we dont contribute to society….? thats just stupid. we are in the same working society, so why are you bitching about it? its not like its gang related!?!!!

    • Get a life Vandal Watch dog! You rather see a Starbucks sticker? Working class, fool at times I’m working three jobs and spend time occupying wall ST. While you occupy Starbucks!

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